Scientist holding and examining samples with plants

Algenuity, a leader in algal biology and industrial biotechnology, is delighted to welcome Dr Alex Pudney to the team as Chief Scientific Officer. Alex brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously worked in both research and start-ups tackling issues of sustainability and renewable alternatives to petrochemicals. His skills in strain engineering, and expertise in directed evolution and design of experiments, are already proving invaluable to the Algenuity team.

Alex said: “My background in microbial biotechnology has provided me with a broad and diverse overview of the industry, and I feel very privileged to be joining Algenuity, as I have always held the company in high regard. In previous roles, I have benefitted from training in leadership, entrepreneurship and project management that took me beyond simply being technically proficient, and I’m very keen to pass on what I have learnt. I enjoy solving problems – from the small detailed intricacies of the lab, to the larger challenges facing the entire industry – and I’m looking forward to working with my new colleagues, who are highly competent and brimming with enthusiasm. It’s exciting to be working in an intellectually rigorous setting where you have the freedom and expectation to be creative, and where driving efforts forward will result in innovative tools for algal applications. As CSO, I feel it’s my role to manage the demands of the business and support the staff, helping them to be successful in an environment that brings out the best in people, which ultimately is what will help us achieve our goals in this fast-moving sector.”

Dr Andrew Spicer, CEO of Algenuity, said: “We are delighted to bring Alex on board, and look forward to the knowledge and experience he will bring to the team. Algenuity has always prided itself on hiring high calibre scientists, and Alex is no exception to that rule.”

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