Packaging in the pharmaceutical industry possesses various characteristics that qualify it as an appropriate solution for the role. It requires tailoring to specific needs, the ability to stabilise and maintain temperatures, be durable, hold its integrity to protect, and guarantee the safe transit of hazardous goods.

Historically, deciding on a packaging solution has boiled down to fulfilling two aspects: packaging that fulfils these necessary specifications, and cost.

So, in a world where SDGs and Net Zero targets are now becoming the norm, how do you find this balance, with the element of sustainability thrown into the mix too?

There’s no doubt that due to demand, the number of environmentally friendly solutions available is increasing, but due to the nature of materials that fit these criteria, they can often fall short in terms of performance, or durability. On the other side of the scale, traditionally high performing solutions, such a polystyrene are becoming increasingly un-popular, due to their size and difficulty to dispose of.

Striking the correct balance of materials is crucial.

A fantastic example of packaging which considers such a balance, is Woolcool thermal packaging solutions.

Their packaging has been developed using nature’s ‘smart fibre’: wool, which has evolved to offer many characteristics appropriate for packaging (thermal protection, flexibility and anti-microbial to name a few), but alongside this, they use materials which are right for the application: they don’t shy away from recyclable plastics where necessary.

It’s clear that regardless of the sustainability credentials of a material, over-consumption causes problems for the planet. This is a particular concern of the rise in popularity of materials, such as paper, for example, as a packaging solution.

Using a blend of a compostable material which is available in abundance, and recyclable materials, to create a solution which meets the performance and safety standards required from pharmaceutical packaging, as well as being durable and reusable, in turn reduces consumption and cost.

In the past year, Woolcool solutions have saved the space of a large sports stadium full of polystyrene boxes from going to landfill – whilst delivering temperature sensitive goods direct, across the globe.

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