Following the successful début in Málaga last year, preparations for the second EVO NXT Business Festival for next-generation products (NGPs) are in full swing. In its four zones, EVO NXT is not only going to provide a comprehensive overview of all the latest trends and innovations in the world of NGP, it will also offer visitors all the benefits modern live communications have to offer, with industry experts and big-name speakers providing key inspiration to this young industry in the form of gripping keynote talks, summits, workshops and panel discussions on 5 and 6 April 2024.






Selected businesses will also be presenting a range of innovations and offerings in various different stage settings. You will have the unique opportunity to meet our experts in person and exchange ideas with them. We cordially invite you to network with our experts and gain valuable insights. Learn more about the key topics:

  1. Harm Reduction
  2. Youth Protection
  3. What’s Next… Regulations
  4. What’s Next… Innovations, Newest Technologies
  5. Future of NGP Retail
  6. Environmental Issues
  7. International Industry
  8. Associations and Alliances

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