WorldPathol, a biotechnology holding based on the research and development of highly specialised biological products such as veterinary vaccines, new recombinant active ingredients, novel medical devices, as well as state-of-the-art cosmetics and nutraceuticals, has commissioned SURUS to sell its current facilities and equipment in Zaragoza. WorldPathol thus adopts a circular and sustainable approach linked to its strategy of giving a second life to the laboratory assets it no longer needs, thus avoiding the generation of waste.


WorldPathol, a leader in innovative biotechnology for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional industries, has been consolidating a stable growth of its business that forces it to: (a) scale and profile the core business; (b) physically separate the One Health divisions (animal, human and environmental) to undertake a better regulatory positioning of its products and services; and (c) relocate its technology and applications in larger and more modern laboratories. In this way, they can undertake their future Europeanisation and globalisation projects.


Specifically, it is an R&D laboratory (BSL-2 and BSL-3) and quality control (HPLC UV – RT-qPCR), and clean rooms for the production and development of biomolecules, cosmetic products and food supplements, built in 2013 in Zaragoza. The sale includes 2 laboratory buildings, 3 manufacturing buildings, 2 warehouse buildings, offices and maintenance rooms. The total usable area is 1,500 m2 built.

The sale includes the facilities and equipment of the different laboratories (R&D, manufacturing and quality control), the opening, environmental and activity licences (City Council and INAGA), the complete quality systems for equipment and facilities (SOPs and GLP-GMP DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ documents for facilities, technology, flowcharts and equipment), the laboratory’s digital system (ERP software and integral connectivity of the laboratories -NAS/servers- with the unique R&D and quality control equipment and production controllers/facilities), and even training for the purchasing company by the qualified personnel of the current owner company, in addition to their accompaniment throughout the process of transferring licences, etc. to facilitate the immediate start of activity.

For sale under direct negotiation

To manage their sale, SURUS is already selling these assets as a whole on its digital auction portal Escrapalia, through direct negotiation.

In this way, potential buyers interested in acquiring the assets described above will be able to receive additional detailed information about the laboratory and its equipment, visit the facilities, and finally submit their best offer, which will be passed on to WorldPathol for assessment and final decision.

More information about the auction click HERE

Sale and Leaseback or Rent-back alternative

Parallel to this sale of the entire facilities, WorldPathol has also raised other alternatives aimed at potential investors such as Leaseback and Rent-Back for a period of 10 years with yields of 4% and 2.8% respectively.