The University of Salford is recognised for links with industry, companies and corporations, both regionally, nationally and internationally. Being one of the first UK institutions to offer ‘sandwich’ courses, the university has forged strong relationships with industry over several years, creating courses that enable students to take on the challenges of today’s working world.

A key part of the university’s approach to industry collaboration is the development of a number of degree apprenticeship programmes in response to growing demand from industry partners. In response to local and national skills needs and engagement with industry partners, the university has grown their apprenticeship offer from two programmes in 2016 to over ten programmes currently running and more in development for 2019/20.

The university’s Environment and Life Science programmes are a key area for degree apprenticeship development. Currently running a successful Biomedical Science degree apprenticeship programme, the university has plans to develop further programmes in this area, including our
BSc (Hons) Chemistry (Lab Scientist) degree apprenticeship, from September 2019 based on employer demand. The university works closely with employer partners to offer these industry-relevant programmes and is always keen to hear from employers in terms of their workforce development needs.

Deborah Seddon, Haematology and Blood Bank Manager, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

“We are currently supporting an employee through the BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science apprenticeship programme at the University of Salford. The initial interest within the NHS in apprenticeships came from the impact the levy was having on our budget.

I really believe apprenticeships are the way forward for your career – being able to grow your own talent and nurture the individual along the way results in a more knowledgeable Biomedical Scientist at the end. The apprentice will have the opportunity to encounter more situations with support before they start working alone. I also believe it is healthy to have employees on such training programmes in the department as it keeps everyone on their toes – we are all continually refreshing our knowledge of developments in the field.

I am passionate about Salford and about increasing the opportunities for individuals across the region and apprenticeships are the perfect route for people to pursue a career across a number of different sectors.”

Bethany Carr, Apprentice Biomedical Scientist, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust

“I am able to complete a degree when in any other circumstances I wouldn’t be able to – like most people I have rent, bills etc. which means I could never have left work to go to university – this gives me the opportunity to continue with work and get paid whilst getting my degree. I spend four days at work, and one day at university – usually this is half a day in a lab and half a day dedicated to my online lectures and independent study. This translates to 20% of my time dedicated to university each week.

The experience I am getting is the most rewarding aspect of my apprenticeship. Being a biomedical scientist is such a practical based job underpinned by your theoretical knowledge – I think they are both equally important. Once I have graduated, I will qualify as a Biomedical Scientist with over 6 years’ experience (including my previous experience in the role). It is really rewarding knowing I’ve been able to achieve my goal of going to university when in other circumstances it would never have been an option for me.”

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