IBM has today released a new set of cloud- and AI-powered technologies to help researchers, doctors and scientists accelerate COVID-19 drug discovery.

These novel resources, from across IBM and available beginning today (Friday 3 April) will give free access to researchers. From gathering insights, to applying the latest virus genomic information and identifying potential targets for treatments, to creating new drug molecule candidates, these technologies are meant to help expedite research discoveries in finding a treatment for COVID-19.

These include:

  • An AI deep search tool that ingested the White House COVID-19 Open Research Dataset and several other licensed databases to help researchers query the data with questions such as “Which drugs have been used so far and what are the outcomes?”
  • An AI tool with 3,000 new, unique molecules containing COVID-related qualities to allow experts to explore and help identify desirable properties for potential COVID-19 therapeutics.
  • A cloud-based, interactive data repository that allows microbiologists and bioinformaticians to study more than 300 million genomic sequences, including more than 500 public genome sequences for COVID-19, presented at the Stanford HAI conference this week.
  • Free access to IBM Micromedex® and DynaMed®, a comprehensive search tool that provides evidence-based information aimed at understanding infectious diseases including COVID-19.