LAUDA is advancing the connectivity of temperature control technology with the new Integral process thermostats. Thanks to the modular interface concept and intuitive operation via the integrated web server, they are more user-friendly and smarter than ever.

The newly developed, superior cooling technology guarantees maximum process reliability in accordance with the European F-Gas Regulation. With its highly dynamic, precise temperature control, high connectivity and improved pump performance, your research and pilot plants will be sustainably fi t for the future.

LAUDA’s proven and highly durable process circulator product range provides precise thermoregulation for external applications from -90 to +320 °C with stability up to +/- 0.05 °C dependent upon model.

The small internal reservoir volume allows for rapid temperature change, whilst powerful pump performance enables flow rates of up to 120 L/min providing the necessary accuracy, flow and hence dynamic process temperature control required in this application area.

With up to 12 kW of heating power and 20 kW of cooling power (at 20 °C) and a multitude of heat transfer fluids available, from water/glycol through to silicone oils, the LAUDA range is designed to meet the most stringent of customer needs, whilst providing reliable performance ensuring total cost of ownership is minimised.

Key features and benefits (dependent upon model) include the ‘SmartCool’ system for energy-saving, variable speed pumps to match the application needs, hybrid cooling for flexibility, integrated programmer for temperature profiling minimising operator interaction, and integrated web server for remote access via a smartphone or tablet.

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