Entrepreneurs, inventors, and start-ups are getting expert advice to maximise their patent’s commercial success thanks to a new service launched by Wynne-Jones IP.

The intellectual property firm, which provides advice relating to all aspects of patents, trade marks, copyright, and designs, has launched its innovative Patent Analytics service this month.

The new offering aims to support clients in realising and utilising the value of their patent portfolio, to enable them to make more effective commercial decisions.

Headed up by the firm’s recently promoted partner Dr Elliott Davies, the service offers entrepreneurs a chance to analyse the intellectual property landscape for patents and patent applications, which could impact their own patent success.

As part of the new offering, the expert team at Wynne-Jones IP, which includes ex Patent Office Examiners, can undertake a variety of bespoke searches to support the commercial strategy of clients.

These searches can help identify existing concepts which may prevent a patent from being granted, and also whether a concept may infringe third party rights if commercialised. They also support clients in monitoring competitor patent filing behaviour which can be a useful indicator of the commercial strategy of a competitor.

Dr Davies, who specialises in protecting inventions relating to technologies, said that this service would be a vital lifeline to inventors by enabling inventors to make informed decisions at different stages of their product development and commercialisation.

He said: “The intellectual property landscape is hugely competitive with numerous companies and inventors vying to commercialise the latest products.

“And with most investing huge sums of money into bringing their product to market, it is crucial they ensure their product is not only free to use, but patent protected to safeguard their significant investment.

“Failure to do so, could see them lose exclusivity over their invention, and could also see them liable for patent infringement, which could prove vastly extensive to fight.

“With that in mind, this service will be a lifeline to those inventors who wish to create an effective and ultimately successful patent strategy which leads to successful commercialisation.

“It not only identifies any potential risks to the patent’s commercialisation, but also helps the client to focus on, and exploit the most valuable aspects of their product to drive even greater commercial success.” 

To find out more about the innovative new Patent Analytics service visit https://wynne-jones.com/our-ip-services/patent-analytics/ .