Patents are a vital weapon in the armoury of any innovative life sciences organisation.

In an increasingly competitive industry, companies protect and distinguish themselves through building and maintaining their patent portfolios, while regularly reviewing and monitoring published patent literature is a crucial part of this process.

Strategic patent searching helps bioscience companies to build a competitive advantage. Identifying, analysing and monitoring relevant patent information provides valuable insights into licensing and acquisition opportunities, gaps in the market, viable new research areas, and competitor activity. Access to a commercial, searchable database of global patent data such as PatBase (produced by Minesoft and RWS Group) is essential.  Although some websites and national Patent Offices provide free online patent data, searchable databases compiled and indexed by patent information software specialists like Minesoft aggregate global patent collections, make thousands of corrections and additions, add detailed search/analysis capability and program value-added features, thus making it possible to extract and monitor relevant patent data.

PatBase contains 100 million patent documents from over 100 patent-issuing authorities in a single database, enabling searches on patent documents across all sectors published anywhere in the world. Researchers can zoom in on highly specific details contained in patent documents, e.g. particular keywords or biological sequences, or zoom out to get a wider picture of the patent landscape, using in-built Patent Analytics software to reveal trends and identify white spaces. Patents contain detailed technology information not often published elsewhere 
– make sure you don’t miss it!

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