The Parkinson’s Disease Society has embarked on a new drive to ensure that research into the illness, and other conditions, continues to be supported across Europe.

As part of the campaign, which is hosted by the Association of Medical Research Charities, the society has teamed up with other organisations including Cancer Research UK and the Academy of Medical Sciences.research

The campaign sets out to encourage potential new Members of European Parliament (MEPs) to champion medical research.

MEP candidates will receive pledge cards developed by Parkinson’s society and the other organisations involved.

The pledge includes calls to:

• encourage investment in medical research

• make Europe a place where research can flourish by considering the implications of European legislation for medical research, including current proposals for a new Data Protection Regulation

• ensure people can access effective therapies faster by boosting cross-border research collaboration and making it easier for promising therapies to navigate the licensing system

• ensure research findings are used to make European citizens healthier by maintaining the role of the European Chief Scientific Adviser and reporting and publishing the results of all research

Steve Ford, Chief Executive of the Parkinson‘s Disease Society, said: “Without support from the highest levels, medical research across Europe will flounder.

“Proposed changes to the new EU Data Protection Regulation regarding gaining specific consent could stop the world’s largest ever in-depth study into people with Parkinson’s in its tracks.

“To have a situation where the future of pioneering medical research projects remains uncertain is simply unacceptable.

“We strongly call on all MEPs to lend their support to this new campaign to ensure that medical research can continue to thrive across Europe.”