Servier, an independent international pharmaceutical company, has announced the launch of InnoPreP™ – a new preparative chromatography service offered under its contract development and manufacturing business.

Servier has employed preparative chromatography for over 30 years and its team of experts based in Normandy, France has become a respected leading global authority on this accepted industry standard approach to purification. InnoPreP™ encompasses the capability for either continuous processing using SMB or 6-column batch chromatography at lab to industrial scale, and can reduce time-to-market by as much as three months.

Dr. Gwenaël Servant, Senior Director of Business Development for Servier’s contract development and manufacturing business, said, “We can reduce time to market significantly by getting to the target molecule and into the clinic faster. To be able to do this at industrial volumes is appealing to companies seeking to scale up existing processes or simply move quickly, as it delivers clear financial gains.”

Servier has invested in expansion of its preparative chromatography infrastructure at its fully integrated Bolbec drug substance facility in Normandy, France. A new dedicated 500m2 space houses continuous processing using simulated moving bed (SMB) technology, which can achieve greater yields from fewer starting materials and is very efficient for racemic separation. There is green technology with Supercritical CO2 and a falling film evaporator recycles up to 90% of solvent.

Lab to industrial scale chromatography is also available using Servier’s batch technology with six-column equipment. The InnoPreP™ area also has high containment to enable handling of highly potent compounds down to OEB 5, serving companies seeking to develop HPAPIs for oncology.

Dr. Christophe Berini, Analytical Innovative Technologies Research Scientist at Servier, said, “The InnoPreP™ approach not only gets our client to their target molecule and into the clinic faster, it also helps to optimize the purity of their APIs and intermediates, and gains