There is a huge amount of amazing scientific research going on at Norwich Research Park. The unique blend of research organisations on the campus makes it a nationally important location for biotechnology, agri-bio, food, and nutrition research. As Anglia Innovation Partnership drives the development of the business community on campus, it regularly holds showcase events as a way to highlight the opportunities for businesses to tap into the research expertise and specialist facilities on campus.

To raise the profile of Norwich Research Park and attract new companies to engage with or join the community regular enterprise showcase events have been held over the past 2 years, and a fifth event is happening on June 11th.

This event entitled ‘Research and Technology Platforms Open for Innovative Business’ will feature speakers from the John Innes Centre, Earlham Institute, Quadram Institute and UEA highlighting the technology platforms developed at Norwich Research Park, revealing their origin, and presenting case studies on their applications and discoveries. The speakers will delve into the funding sources for these platforms, showcase their practical implementations in various industries and their critical role in enabling businesses to access expertise.

The second half of the agenda is an interactive panel discussion titled “Strengthening Engagement through ‘Science Push’ and ‘Industry Pull”. The panel will focus on the power of technology platforms to deliver for business, to maximise impact for society.

During this programme attendees will be able to connect with a wide range of specialist technology platforms available at Norwich Research Park.

Its all part of the wider enterprise strategy on Norwich Research Park, which supports companies and entrepreneurs in biological science with pre-seed funding, connections with investors, connections with research organisations and great office and laboratory accommodation as well as a virtual tenancy option all in the wonderful city of Norwich.

To find out more about our event visit our events page.

Another Enterprise showcase event is being planned for November, so if you can’t make this one, get in touch with our team through our website and we’ll keep you updated.