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Date & Time: Thursday 30 September, 11AM-12PM

Ahead of the first delivery of the new Level 5 Certificate in the Management of Adaptation to Climate Change, the first-ever approved professional qualification in this subject, Climate Sense and Learning & Development Associates (L&DA) have announced a free-to-attend taster webinar.

An Adaptation to Climate Change taster webinar from Climate Sense and L&DA on 30 September will explore and provide pragmatic answers to the critical question: How can businesses become resilient to our changing climate?

The free-to-attend taster webinar will provide informative insight into the learning content of the new Level 5 Certificate in the Management of Adaptation to Climate Change developed by the two training experts, which is the first-ever professional qualification available in this subject and will host its very first iteration on 19 October 2021.

The risks and opportunities from a changing climate are unique to each organisation, but through the immense efforts of thousands of organisations globally, there are many lessons that can now be shared to help organisations understand how best to respond, and how best they can support their businesses in that response.

In a 1-hour taster webinar, Climate Sense and L&DA will equip participants with a practical understanding of why it is important for their specific business to become adaptive to a changing climate, as well as what they can do about it. Focussing upon how each organisation can benefit from engaging with this critical agenda, how they can support their organisation in doing so, and how individuals can develop their own professional portfolio for future career development.

Topics covered:

  • Why must we become adaptive to a changing climate?
  • What must we adapt to?
  • What are the things we need to pay attention to?
  • How can we become adaptive?

Guest Speakers:

Doogie Black
Director: Climate Sense

Doogie is a founding Director of Climate Sense and a key expert in developing the CaDD framework (extensively peer-reviewed and renowned for being the most effective method for measuring and developing the adaptive capacity of organisations and their respective systems). He is the UK’s Principal Expert (and one of the main authors) of ISO 14090 – Adaptation to Climate Change (2019). As a consultant, Doogie has worked within and across private, public and civil society organisations, ranging from local authorities and national policy makers through to infrastructure operators, multinational corporations and development banks and donors. As one of the first people to dedicate their career to climate change resilience, he brings over two decades of experience and expertise.

Glenn Jackson
Director: L&DA

A Water Engineer by profession and a Learning and Development Specialist in the field of Utilities and related Engineering with over 40+ years of operational and training experience. With extensive field management, change management and project management skills and expertise in interpreting water and environmental industry training needs and in delivering large scale training interventions.

Currently MD of Learning & Development Associates Ltd and Foundation Degree Water Ltd.

Nick Pyatt
Director: Climate Sense

Nick supports organisations to be climate-smart; making the right decision, in the right place, at the right time; and then taking that decision forward in the most effective way. As a qualified coach and trainer, he draws upon an international career supporting private, public, third sector and community-based organisations with sustainability and resilience challenges to thrive in a changing climate.

Webinar Details:

Date & Time: Thursday 30 September, 11AM-12PM

Free registration: