Pioneering dementia researchers Professors John Hardy, Bart De Strooper, Christian Haass and Michel Goedert have been awarded the prestigious 2018 Brain Prize. The award honours outstanding contribution to neuroscience and recognises their innovative work on the genetic and molecular basis of Alzheimer’s disease.

The four leading researchers will share a collective prize of one million Euros awarded by the Lundbeck Foundation in Denmark. Three of the four recipients, Prof Hardy, Prof De Strooper and Dr Goedert are key players in UK dementia research.

Dr David Reynolds, Chief Scientific Officer at Alzheimer’s Research UK, the UK’s leading dementia research charity, said: “Our congratulations go to all four of these outstanding scientists whose vital contributions have transformed our understanding of the complex causes of Alzheimer’s disease. The fact that three of these researchers work in the UK reflects the country’s position as a global leader in dementia research and we are proud that Alzheimer’s Research UK has been able to play a role in supporting their important work.

“Their achievements show how much progress has been made in dementia research in recent decades, and the importance of mechanistic research in shaping the way we study and treat diseases like Alzheimer’s. It is through the dedication and hard work of researchers that we will continue to drive breakthroughs that pave the way for new treatments and provide hope to people with dementia and their families. We look forward to working with these leading scientists in the years to come as they continue to push back the frontiers of our knowledge and take up the biggest challenges in dementia research.”