Vortex Biosciences, the cancer diagnosis biotechnology business, has announced the appointment of Dr Adrian Kinkaid as its new chief executive officer. 

Vortex Biosciences has developed the VTX-1, a best-in-class instrument that isolates and purifies Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) from blood. These cells can then be used for cancer diagnosis and monitoring, research on drug development, cancer research and development of personalized medicine.

Dr Kinkaid joins Vortex Biosciences on contract, alongside his other roles as CEO of healthcare diagnostic biotech BioFab Ltd and antibody testing biotech Lumabs BV. A specialist in leading early-stage start-ups, he led several funding rounds for MIP Diagnostics, a synthetic antibody biotech, where he served as CEO for four years until 2019. He has also secured non-dilutive funding for MIP Diagnostics and BioFab via the prestigious SMART Awards.

Prior to this, he was chief commercial officer for Promexus, a protein biotherapeutics company based on Affimer technology, and Strategic Market Development Leader for Abcam, the leading provider of research antibodies. He has a particular passion for improving patient outcomes and game-changing new technologies, especially in the in vitro diagnostics space.

Dr Kinkaid will now oversee the operations of Vortex Biosciences across its two sites in San Francisco, US and Cambridge, UK, using his expertise and experience to help Vortex Biosciences commercialize its medical technologies and grow rapidly in the liquid biopsy market. He will be working closely with executive chairman Dr. Ilian Iliev and the board of directors.

“Vortex is in an unrivalled position with outstanding core technology and a best-in-class platform to provide Circulating Timor Cells (CTCs) with remarkable efficiency and purity,” he said. “More importantly, Vortex’s VTX-1 platform is providing game-changing opportunities for CTC isolation in the liquid biopsy market.”