If you are interested in a career in one of the world’s most in-demand fields, an MSc in Bioinformatics might be right for you.

The Bioinformatics industry is a fast-growing field which combines the latest technology with biological data, creating a channel for new health breakthroughs and biological advancements. In fact, bioinformatics played a major role in identifying and testing exposed individuals for the COVID-19 virus.1,2

Why Pursue a Career in Bioinformatics?

From increased earning potential to impacting global health, bioinformatics is a rewarding industry and appeals to career-seekers for a variety of reasons:

  1. Bioinformatics is a wealthy industry.
    According to Industry Research, the global bioinformatics industry was worth $14,926.3 million USD in 2022 and the bioinformatics services industry, alone, was worth $2,528.6 million USD in 2023. By 2028, the industry, as a whole, is expected to reach a net worth of $40,798.65 million USD.3,4,5

At this growth rate, bioinformatics is expected to achieve numerous breakthroughs in medicine and create thousands of new jobs within the field over the next decade.

  1. The demand for bioinformatics professionals is growing.
    As bioinformatics rakes in wealth, it’s also raking in professionals. Markets reports that the industry’s compound annual growth rate is 13%, which is much higher than average industry growth rates.6
  2. Bioinformatics combines diverse disciplines.
    Bioinformatics is appealing to career-seekers with different backgrounds because the field incorporates foundations of biology, chemistry, computer science, analytics, and programming. This variety opens the market to university graduates with degrees in a wide range of disciplines, allowing individuals with expertise in diverse fields to pursue bioinformatics careers.

The most in-demand subsectors of bioinformatics include metabolomics, molecular phylogenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, chemoinformatics, and genomics.7 Many of these are emerging and niche industries with plentiful positions available for new professionals.

Where is the Biggest Demand for Bioinformatics Professionals Globally?

Bioinformatics jobs are in high demand across the globe, especially in the United Kingdom. In fact, Europe is ranked among the top areas for the most promising bioinformatics industry growth, coming in second behind North America and before Asia-Pacific at third place.7

When it comes to bioinformatics employers, there’s plenty of opportunity. The following companies are the largest bioinformatics employers worldwide:7

  • Biomax Informatics AG
  • Codexis
  • DNAnexus
  • Fabric Genomics Inc.
  • Genedata
  • Genomatrix GmbH
  • Genoox
  • Illumina
  • Interpace Diagnostics
  • Oxford Gene Technology
  • Seven Bridges Genomics
  • Tempus

Where is the Biggest Demand for Bioinformatics Professionals in the UK?

There are plenty of job opportunities within the realm of bioinformatics in the UK. As part of the medical industry, which is the second largest in Europe, bioinformatics plays a major role in many of the country’s most vital sectors.

The following are five of the top bioinformatics employers in the UK:8

  • Algacraft LTD
  • Biosintez
  • CompanDX Ltd
  • MORF: Multi-Omics Research Factory
  • Repositive Limited

What Bioinformatics Roles are Most In-Demand?

There are plenty of in-demand roles within the bioinformatics field. However, bioinformatics analyst and scientist are two roles that many diverse companies are in the market for.

Bioinformatics Analyst:
Bioinformatics analysts are responsible for conducting laboratory research and developing informatics algorithms and bioinformatics databases that can be used to further the understanding of disease and other physical conditions.9

Bioinformatics Scientist:
Bioinformatics technicians are responsible for gathering, analysing, and tracking data on biological functions or characteristics to better understand complex biological activities, applying an extensive knowledge of sophisticated computer programs.10

Begin your Bioinformatics Career Journey

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