Bioline, an American wholly-owned subsidiary of Meridian Bioscience, Inc. has entered the rapidly growing epigenetics field, with the launch of the first kits in the EPIK™ product range.

The kits have been developed to meet the needs of researchers employing PCR and real-time PCR analysis in epigenetics, by delivering increased reliability and sensitivity.epikamplificationkit

Marco Calzavara, President of Bioline, said, “Epigenetic changes alter the physical structure of DNA and can turn genes on or off.

“Strong links have been identified between epigenetics, aging and cancer. Consequently, there is a lot of active research in this rapidly growing field.

“Our customers have told us that reliability is a major issue in epigenetic analysis, and with the launch of these new kits, we will bring new levels of reproducibility and sensitivity to this field.”

Richard L. Eberly, President of Meridian Life Science, Inc., said: “We are delighted with the launch of this new product range. Researchers world-wide will now have greater confidence in their results, as they push the boundaries of epigenetics understanding.

“The EPIKTM range is a further demonstration of our commitment to our life science customers and to bringing innovation and quality products to the research laboratory, clinical diagnostic laboratories, and biotechnology companies.”