BioPharma Dynamics discuss the importance of controlling parameters in your process.

Temperature monitoring and control devices are an integral part of any laboratory within the pharmaceutical sector. Having a quality temperature control system in place can impact the safety and effectiveness of an end product, along with keeping running costs low and avoiding process control issues. However many people still underestimate the importance of having an adequate monitor in place, and when looking to replace chillers in a system, simply replace the old temperature control unit with the same size and type, or for new applications, utilise existing equipment on site – this can lead to unnecessarily high running costs and reduced equipment life cycle.

In the Life Sciences industry, small fluctuations in process temperature can make a large difference to results. The sizing of the correct temperature control equipment in your process can help in Quality By Design systems by firstly ensuring the controls maintain process quality, and secondly by highlighting any areas where there may be a process problem. Even with accurate control your system may see temperatures outside of the determined parameters due to other equipment failure; in this case, the temperature control unit can be used to sound alarms for manual intervention or feed out to other equipment for automatic adjustments. Temperature control is not just about cooling. Some applications such as maintaining process parameters in a Bio-Reactor may need cooling and heating capabilities within the same batch, and so some temperature control units are available to cover heat loads of exothermic and endothermic requirements.

As a company focused on providing complete, cost effective results with market leading technologies, BioPharma Dynamics are pleased to be able to offer the most popular product ranges and market leading technologies. By controlling the automation of a process through SciLog systems and pumps with the temperature control units of SMC, a complete control solution is delivered including valves, pumps and chillers. This type of solution would give temperature, pressure, flow, and diagnostic control to your process at various scales. The HRS Series temperature controller range gives some excellent features to the end user with real benefits without the large cost implications. We often hear that space is at a premium in many laboratories; the compact footprint, lightweight design and the ability to site the unit close to side panels and walls minimizes the floor space taken by the HRS, leaving valuable space for other processes. The units are available in air cooled and water cooled options with temperature stability of +/- 0.1˚C and a temperature range from 5˚C to 40˚C, ensuring processes are maintained within tight parameters and the same unit can be used on different applications.

Thanks to the HRS thermo chiller’s advanced control functions, abnormalities and errors are quickly detected before any real danger can occur. When used in conjunction with other innovative products from the SMC range – such as our unique digital flow switch with integrated temperature sensor from Series PF3W or our high performance Series VX fluid valve range – we can provide with a one-stop-shop service to help you automate your process. Support of the SMC temperature control product range can be guaranteed globally with 400 sales offices across 82 countries worldwide, which allows for easy tech transfer for end users or simple product support on OEM packages.

With a strong background in automation and partnerships with world leading innovative manufacturers, BioPharma Dynamics are able to work with you to specify the best temperature control unit to meet your process requirements. If you are looking for a no obligation survey of your systems, an informal discussion on temperature control requirements or to trial a temperature control unit in your process, then contact BioPharma Dynamics today. BioPharma Dynamics are a provider of solutions for traditional and single-use processed within the Life Sciences Industry. The company sees partnership with its suppliers and customers as the best way to help enhance process innovations and challenges in a positive way.

Enjoying partnerships with world leading companies such as Saint Gobain Performance Plastics, SMC Pneumatics, Colder Products, Parker SciLog and Quattrowflow Pumps allows BioPharma Dynamics to offer radical solutions with products ranging from single-use tube and sampling sets through to full process control, integrating pumps, sensors, chillers and valves.

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