With over 30-years of experience, we are experts at significantly reducing your costs with our unique and proven propriety data and expertise. SRM is the UK and Europe’s best kept secret: there’s no one like us, no-one does what we do and more and more leading organisations are beginning to benefit from SRMs unique services in the supplier contracts space.

What do we do?

We significantly reduce your costs without putting your people at risk. SRM’s initial assessment of whether an opportunity exists comes at no-cost, with no risk.

How do we do it?

We work with you to help reduce your major supplier costs through tried and tested methodologies and propriety data built over 30-years across payment schemes, processors, technology and many more. Many organisations only consider renegotiating supplier contracts every 3-7-years, often with new procurement and business teams who understandably have limited knowledge on what the never-ending line-item costs should be, and – importantly – no wider view on what innovation clauses should be to guarantee the best partnership and financial terms with major suppliers.

At SRM, we have worked successfully with hundreds of Financial Institutions of all sizes (most with repeat engagements) to ensure they are getting an accurate and transparent view of their costs and what suppliers should be committing to, to ensure they secure Industry leading arrangements.

It is also worth mentioning that many SMEs also don’t have the power of scale and volume, or in-house procurement teams (or individuals) dedicated to negotiating the best deals with leading suppliers in the marketplace, so we can really help level the playing field here to enable sustainable growth.

All too often costs paid out to suppliers are unclear at best, or opaque and reactive at worst. At SRM, we can ensure this is corrected and the hidden opportunity is surfaced, delivered, and tracked resulting in very large sums returned to the bottom line. Furthermore, our Advisory Services team can also help with improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your business, too.

As an established or rapidly growing business you should be speaking to SRM as we can unlock large amounts of capital over many years without putting your people at risk. We support many visionary CEOs, CFOs, CPOs, and COOs to deliver significant value: so, let’s open a conversation.

Please contact Tim Cima and Simon Rose at SRM Europe: