In the contemporary business landscape, data has emerged as a key asset, serving as the lifeblood that drives decision-making and strategic planning.

The 2020s have ushered in an era where businesses are inundated with a wealth of data from diverse sources, including customer interactions, market trends, and internal operations. The challenge for Executive leaders and Boards extends beyond managing this data: it involves ensuring effective exploitation to drive transformative changes within the business.

Effectively harnessing data proves to be a multifaceted challenge, with businesses often grappling to understand how it can optimise strategy, operations – and, importantly, customer service. Data accumulation is the easy part. Getting to the right data and using it can be complex. It demands gaining meaningful insights and translating them into informed decisions. The complexity lies in navigating the volume of data, understanding its nuances, and strategically applying it to gain a competitive edge.

Addressing this challenge needs a comprehensive approach, fostering a data-led culture within the organisation where every staff member, from the frontline to the Boardroom, recognises the value of data in shaping decisions. Boards, and their Executive leaders, play a pivotal role in instilling this mindset, championing a culture that views data as a strategic asset rather than a mere operational byproduct.

Aligning data initiatives with strategic organisational goals requires a thorough understanding of how data can be used by boards for long-term goals, innovation, and overall business performance. Businesses that integrate data-driven decision-making into their strategic planning will be better positioned to adapt to dynamic market conditions and emerging opportunities.

Where SRM Helps Its Clients

Recognising the need for guidance in this data-driven transformation, businesses turn to strategic partners like SRM. SRM guides organisations in bringing data from various sources, especially from the customer’s perspective, into the boardroom. By bridging the gap between raw data and strategic decision-making, SRM enables businesses to unlock the true potential of their data assets – including through the use of its industry-leading benchmarks. Often, SRM’s support manifests in performance metrics, key performance indicators and customer feedback – the ‘bottom up’ approach; yet, SRM also supports the ‘top down’ approach, through Data Strategy definition, and importantly, helping clients understand value-adding data with the elimination on non-value-adding data.

How Do We Do It?

One organisation faced challenges understanding consumer perceptions and their performance in the eyes of its customers. SRM conducted a comprehensive review of their existing balanced scorecards and data suite. Through collaboration with key stakeholders, SRM constructed a comprehensive index of metrics, bringing the voice of the customer to the Board.

In another case, SRM helped a client in identifying areas to reduce overheads and operational costs. Through stakeholder interviews and data analysis, SRM revealed that their contact centre and branch network were over capacity – by over 800%. They proved how operational costs could be reduced in these areas without compromising customer service, using data to highlight the impact of suggested changes.

Boards also need to ensure that vendor agreements align with the organisation’s strategy and overall business goals. SRM not only guides organisations in bringing data to the Boardroom but also in vendor contract negotiations. By integrating data-driven decision-making into these negotiations, Boards enhance the overall effectiveness of their data strategies.

The Bottom Line

The significance of data in contemporary business is undeniable. Boards grappling with the challenge of data management and utilisation must adopt a comprehensive approach, encompassing cultural shifts, strategic alignment, and robust governance practices. Boards that embrace a data-driven mindset are not only better equipped for today’s challenges but are also poised for sustained success in an environment where data reigns supreme. Strategic partners like SRM play a crucial role in helping this transformative journey, helping businesses harness the power of their data for strategic advantage.

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