Thanks to Testo, temperature and humidity monitoring has been simplified.

Monitoring temperature and humidity is important where incorrect climatic conditions can have drastic consequences; too low a temperature in pharmacy refrigerators can negatively influence the effectiveness of vaccines, or excessive air humidity in museums can damage the surfaces of valuable exhibits, and in food production too high a temperature can accelerate the spoiling of sensitive products. testo Saveris_p_ap_sta_004418

The cost too many businesses that rely on stable temperature management can be excessive should a cooling or heating system malfunction leading to wasted stock, or worse.

Traditionally there have been two methods available for monitoring irregular fluctuations in temperature and humidity; data loggers and data monitoring systems. Data loggers are a very simple solution but a common issue is that information needs to be manually acquired and the logger does not always automatically in form users of excessive temperature fluctuations. The main disadvantage of data monitoring systems is their complexity, i.e. they require time consuming installation and maintenance, and are more often than not complex and expensive.

Cloud based temperature and humidity monitoring.

The Saveris 2 system was developed by Testo’s measurement technology specialists in Germany’s Black Forest. They were set one simple task; design a solution so customers can monitor their temperature and humidity levels easily, anytime and anywhere, without needing to compromise security or bother with time consuming software. In the current age this presented a number of challenges but they embraced the situation and have designed a remarkably simple and elegant solution. 

Testo’s developers decided to use cloud technology because it allows information to be stored remotely  with access to the data as and when needed whilst providing the ability to be on the other side of the world and still be able to monitor and react to issues. This reduces the pressure on an individual, or team, to be constantly on site to keep measurement values under control. If temperature or humidity levels fluctuate beyond acceptable levels an alert is sent by SMS and e-mail to the parties’ responsible, allowing action to be taken to prevent any loss of product.

Data is extracted and stored wirelessly and can be accessed by simply logging on to the secure cloud location allowing easy viewing of the infotesto_Saveris2_Systemrmation. This process simply relies on a standard internet browser, so no special software or configuration is needed and it can be accessed via a computer, tablet or smart phone. Equally, when on site with Saveris 2you can scan each Saveris logger’s built in QR code (see image), which will take you to the secure cloud page devoted to the data extracted from the logger in question, allowing speedy assessment of individual loggers.

Using their vast experience with temperature logging, Testo was aware many of their customers’ businesses expand and change over the life of a product. So the Saveris 2 system has been designed with flexible expansion capabilities with customers able to start with a simple setup which can be added to over time and making it easy for the system to grow as their business develops.

Flexibility with security.

As of autumn 2014, the Testo Saveris 2 will be available in various different versions via www.testolimited.comand from selected specialist dealers. There are five different temperature and humidity probes available, as well as three licensing models for the use of the Cloud.