Researchers at the University of Bologna in Italy have developed a biorefinery model that would produce polyphenols, fatty acids, biopolymers, and biomethane from the skins and seeds left over from wine production. The country produces about five million metric tons of the feedstock annually that currently has little value and the new model combines supercritical carbon dioxide with anaerobic digestion, microbial treatment, and anaerobic fermentation to produce the chemical products.

Cluster recognised

The US Small Business Administration has awarded a grant to BioSTL and a group of regional partners to further its work in St Louis. Funding from the Regional Innovation Cluster Initiative will support work on the BioGenerator, which supports support to entrepreneurs and small businesses in the region’s bioscience cluster. “It is a huge vote of confidence in St. Louis’ progress as a thriving bioscience community,” said Donn Rubin, president and CEO of BioSTL.

Wheat patent is granted

American agricultural technology company Arcadia Biosciences has been granted a US Patent for technology that will increase the resilience of wheat. Arcadia’s project is developing non-genetically modified Resistant Starch (RS) wheat which has been linked to improved insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels and benefits people with diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity.